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At SCF-nutrition we are all for living a healthy lifestyle, and therefore only creating formulations that are 100% backed by scientific research. All our products are manufactured and tested in a facility licenced and certified by the Medicines Control Council.

This is critical as we supply supplements to some of South Africa’s best athletes and players of all sporting codes including not just Springbok players but Olympic athletes such as Ruswahl Samaai. All these elite athletes and players have achieved amazing results and have maintained a standard and quality over multiple seasons fueled by SCF Nutrition supplements. That alone is a proper guarantee of the quality of the product we offer.



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Sports Conditioning Factory was founded by former South African national sprinter and champion, Morné Nagel. He felt the need to help international players & athletes around the world to be better conditioned athletes. Injuries play a huge role in performance, and therefore he started this unique perfromance program for all sporting codes and athletes to introduce significant gains and on field, performance.

sports conditioning factory


Featured Programs

Apart from our excellent sports nutrition, the sports conditioning factory offers not just strength and conditioning programs tailored to each indivudual sporting code, but personalised sports training and coaching for speed and agility that complements any sports code.

Personal Training

Coaching is done by Morne Nagel who creates and monitors every aspect of a selected program ensuring that all performance targets are met.



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